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Notes from Africa 2015


To live from hand to mouth


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In Uganda as in the rest of sub - Saharan Africa there is considerable urban growth. It is mainly due to the migration of country people towards towns. The hope of earning a small income to buy consumer goods (bicycle, TV), the possibility of benefitting from health care and education thanks to NGOs and Churches and last but not least having access to communication (internet cafés) are the driving force behind these displacements.

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Notes from Africa

« There is an Africa of tragedy and famine, of corruption and war, of blood and hunger and tears, of incurable disease and tribal clashes (...). There is a different side to this ancient land. The place which still has what most of the world has lost. Space. Roots. Traditions. Stunning beauty. True wilderness. Rare animals. Extraordinary people. »

Kuki Gallmann (Night of the Lions)