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Notes from Africa 2010


October 2010, African diary, on the spot…


… Kaliro, the red laterite, the perfume of the mango trees, one, two, then three schools  with thatched palm roofs, the floor made of beaten earth: all the villagers are there to welcome us, men and women dressed in their best clothes, bouquets of flowers on the white embroidered tablecloth.

… the distribution of food rations, a basket contains rice, soya flour, beans, and oil. Salima (4 years old) weighed 13.3 kg in July and 14.1 kg in September!

Notes from Africa

« There is an Africa of tragedy and famine, of corruption and war, of blood and hunger and tears, of incurable disease and tribal clashes (...). There is a different side to this ancient land. The place which still has what most of the world has lost. Space. Roots. Traditions. Stunning beauty. True wilderness. Rare animals. Extraordinary people. »

Kuki Gallmann (Night of the Lions)