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Notes from Africa 2008


July 2008, on the spot notes from Africa


… We have arrived in Entebbe. Joseph, our loyal taxi-driver states: “Politicians are like pineapples, the beginning is sugary and sweet, the end is bitter.”

… We are visiting St. Joseph’s Primary School, it is break time, the equatorial rain is beating down, we are standing in the red mud, which is their playground. The children swarm around us, look at us with big eyes full of surprise and then one of them asks: “Why is Susan’s hair black and yours blond?”

… We’re on foot, alone, at the eerie border between Uganda and Kenya.  Uncle Katto warns us : “I know them ; this man is a thief, that man sells drugs and the one over there is mad.” Later he adds:” I haven’t been back here for at least 10 years.” – Phew, and then we cross the border.

Notes from Africa

« There is an Africa of tragedy and famine, of corruption and war, of blood and hunger and tears, of incurable disease and tribal clashes (...). There is a different side to this ancient land. The place which still has what most of the world has lost. Space. Roots. Traditions. Stunning beauty. True wilderness. Rare animals. Extraordinary people. »

Kuki Gallmann (Night of the Lions)