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Notes from Africa 2007


July 2007, on the spot notes from Africa


… I am Allan Otim, I am 7. I’m happy to have a mattress now, the first since my parents died.

… the Kindergarten at Kuddiza greets me with laughter, “white lady, white lady!”, and an entrancing laugh from happy children!

… the border between Uganda and Kenya: it’s been raining for two days, we travel on foot without a visa just for a few hours in exchange for a glass of lemonade amid lorry trailers in red, oily, slippery mud …

Notes from Africa

« There is an Africa of tragedy and famine, of corruption and war, of blood and hunger and tears, of incurable disease and tribal clashes (...). There is a different side to this ancient land. The place which still has what most of the world has lost. Space. Roots. Traditions. Stunning beauty. True wilderness. Rare animals. Extraordinary people. »

Kuki Gallmann (Night of the Lions)